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ORU Armand Hammer Student Center                                                     

Dale Leander                                                     Architect: KSQ, Tulsa, OK

Project Manager                                                 Technology Design: Sonic Design, Tulsa, OK

Director of the Business Conference Center

Tulsa, OK

Complete Audio and Visual system

Direct Communications installed large projection screen with in ceiling motorized projection system for multiple conference rooms all controlled by Crestron touch screen automation.  Direct Communications, installed the largest video wall in NE Oklahoma at the Student Center.  The wall consisted of thirty-six 47” display panels with sound reinforcement system.  The video wall can present up to 4 different video feeds or just one large HD image.


East Central University / Conference Center / Lecture Hall / Moot Courtroom

Bridget Forshay, MBA                                         Architect: Miles & Associates, OKC

Director of the Business Conference Center

Complete Audio/Visual Infrastructure

The Conference Center AV system is a completely automated room with divided functionality for three separate rooms.  Direct Communications installed sound reinforcement system and large projection screen with ceiling mount projector.  Direct also installed a fully automated HD robotic video camera with camera follow system in the Lecture Hall.  Direct Communications equipped the e-courtroom with computer, projector, projection screen, video visualizers and microphones to enhance a student’s “hand on” approach to the actual courtroom.


Oklahoma University / Football Stadium                

180 West Brooks Street, Norman OK, 73019

David Payne, Athletic IT Representative

Direct Communications has worked with OU for 7 years.  Direct Communications designed and installed Emergency IP Intercom system for 90,000 seat football stadium.  The system allows each gate attendant to make calls to each other or emergency calls to all gates.  The system can also play informational messages that are prerecorded.


Kiefer Public Schools                                                                     

Mary Murrell


Direct Communications performed all the engineering and design of the systems listed: Sound system for Gymnasium, stage lighting, pro video camera via remote control, remote video and audio to gathering areas, common area and hospitality rooms.  Direct Communications also installed video display and audio in film room for coaches and team.


Green Country Energy

Greg Holler

I&C Tech I

Complete Infrastructure Build-out

Direct Communications designed and installed a complete security overhaul for this high target power plant.  The system includes HD video surveillance with complete infrastructure build-out of light poles, conduit and high power to each camera.  Direct Communications installed a complete wireless mesh network over the plant with capabilities of network connectivity throughout.  IP video intercom with HD video security has this power plant locked down.


Summit Club / 30th Floor Renovation

Andrea Byrn                                                      Architect: Matrix, Tulsa, OK

Office Manager                                                  Technology Design:  Direct Communications

Custom Presentation System

This system allows the user to control video inputs for (4) separate sources to the projectors.  System included motorized lifts for each projector that will retract into the existing ceiling.  Projection screens were mounted to the ceiling and encased in an aesthetically pleasing enclosure. 


American Bank & Trust / New Headquarters

Michael P, Oonk

Senior VP

Audio Video Board Room System

Direct Communications equipped this boardroom with fully automated touch screen projection screen and motorized projector lifts with ceiling closure. Along with multi-zone audio re-enforcement to make this a state of the art boardroom.


Warren Place / Learning Center

Stephanie Canada                                              Architect:  Matrix, Tulsa, OK

Relations Manager                                              Technology Design: Direct Communications

Professional Audio, Video, and Controls System

Revamped from older technology Direct Communications has worked with a local architect to completely modernize this presentation room to a state of the art presentation room.  The system includes professional grade audio system with full range sound system for 20 Hz to 20k range.  Not only the sound system but the new HD motorized projection screen to the high tech projector with lift is just jaw dropping with clarity.  Ease of use Crestron touch panel with audio voice commands to help guide each user to present their content with confidence.  Sound re-enforcement for the hearing impaired and the 36 HD monitors for close up inspection for each student/client.



The testimony of a good company is it reputation of repeat customers. Direct Communications core beliefs of Quality + Integrity + Honesty is the key factor that keep our clients for life!

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